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  • Join Community Cohesion CoP Started: Mar 2007 | 1133 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Rose Doran

    Our communities are diverse, dynamic and complex. Factors such as age, wealth, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and political ideology need to be understood by Councils and their partners, to be effective community leaders; deliver high quality, appropriate services; promote equality of access and opportunity, and identify possible tensions. This Community of Practice provides a forum to debate key topics; share ideas and best practice, and contribute to policy development.

  • Join Community Hub Started: Nov 2008 | 76923 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Michael Norton

    A shared space for all registered users

  • Join Community Safety Started: Mar 2009 | 900 members | This community has 2 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: LG Group / NPIA
    Lead facilitator: Chris Williams

    A Community of Practice for practitioners in Community Safety

  • Apply to join Connect Digitally Programme Team Started: Aug 2010 | 10 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Margaret Cranford

    This community is a private space for the Connect Digitally team to share information. Please contact if you need any more information regarding this community.

  • Join Councillors Connected: The Social Media Online Conference 6-8 April Started: Feb 2009 | 364 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Tim Milner

    An online conference to help councils and councillors explore how they can use social media to communicate with and engage communities, effectively deliver services, and empower local people. Takes place from 6 to 8 April 2009. Please bear with us if we don't approve your membership straight away.

  • Join Customer Insight Started: Apr 2008 | 2957 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Ian Cole

    This was the home of an online conference (10 to 20 June 2008) focused on a better understanding the needs and aspirations of the local people, the challenges in harnessing the power of citizen data and the tools that can help you do so to improve the quality of services in local areas. We are considering keeping this area open as a regular community of practice.

  • Apply to join Daventry Benchmarking Group Started: Mar 2007 | 40 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Shirley Vaughan

    The community consists of District Councils, each of a rural nature and of similar size and character and having a willingness to participate within the Group. The purpose is to compare performance data of Councils with similar characteristics in order to drive improvement, to exchange good practice and to provide mutual support in the development of policies and strategies.

  • Apply to join Digital People @ COP Started: May 2008 | 650 members | This community has 2 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: The Central Office of Information
    Lead facilitator: Nick Jones

    The primary purpose of Digital People is to provide a cross-boundary network creating, sharing and developing insights and innovation to improve public service through the use of digital media.

  • Join East Midlands Platform on Food, Physical Activity & Health Started: Sep 2010 | 103 members
    Lead organisation: East Midlands Councils
    Lead facilitator: Trish Crowson

    A unique collective of organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors working together as a movement to to halt/reduce the rising levels of overweight and obesity in the East Midlands through voluntary commitments and collective actions of Platform members.

  • Apply to join Edinburgh Web 2 and Social Media Community Started: Jun 2009 | 81 members | This community has 2 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: The City of Edinburgh Council
    Lead facilitator: Sally Kerr

    This community is for those involved in or considering any aspect of Web 2.0 and social media for projects or/and daily work. It is a space to share good practice and experience, provide mutual support and advice, highlight the latest information and explore the issues around Web 2.0

  • Apply to join Emergency planning Exchange Started: Jun 2009 | 136 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Lucy Ellender

    This community has been created from the Swine Community of Practice. This community will build on the work of the Swine Flu CoP to become a new facility for Emergency planners to share their views, ask questions of each other and circulate information in a private environment.

  • Join Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Community Started: Aug 2007 | 1496 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Helen Pineo

    This community is for those working in and with local government on environmental sustainability and climate change. The CoP's purpose is to enable interaction between like-minded professionals to help them develop their work. When you join this community, we'll send you regular fortnightly email updates about the latest things happening in the community. You can opt-out of updates at any time. For guidance on policy and best practice in different subject areas, features, case studies and links to more online resources, go to the ESCC resource on the IDeA website:

  • Apply to join Equality CoP Started: May 2007 | 1298 members | This community has 4 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Katerina Charalambous

    Community for the sharing of information and development of strategy in the equalities and the Equality Framework for Local Government.

  • Apply to join Essex Partnership Started: Jul 2008 | 49 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: Essex Partnership
    Lead facilitator: Essex Partnership

    This community can only be accessed by individuals invited by Essex Partenrships.

  • Apply to join Facilitators Community Started: Sep 2006 | 406 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Michael Norton

    The Facilitators Community purpose is to assist online facilitators across By sharing tips on online facilitation, engaging with experts in online communities and networking with colleagues to enhance your knowledge and experience of online facilitation.
    Before applying please ensure that your profile is fully complete including a photo and states the community you facilitate or will facilitate in the future.