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  • Apply to join Flood Risk and Water Management Network (England and Wales) - FlowNet Started: Sep 2009 | 955 members | This community has 5 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: Yorks and Humbs Learning Alliance; IDeA; LGA
    Lead facilitator: Kamal Panchal

    Welcome to the National Flood Risk and Water Management Community - FlowNet. This resource is designed to provide self-help for local authorities and their partners who are tackling flood risk and concerned with water management through sharing of ideas, good and innovative practice and challenges.

  • Apply to join FlowNet (Yorkshire and Humber) Started: Nov 2009 | 90 members
    Lead organisation: University of Sheffield
    Lead facilitator: John Blanksby

    Flownet (Yorkshire and Humber) is a sub community of the Flood Risk and Water Management Network (England and Wales) focussing on land and water management within the Yorkshire and Humber region. These pages facilitate the sharing of knowledge within and beyond the regional community.

  • Apply to join GLA Intelligence Started: Apr 2010 | 38 members
    Lead organisation: Greater London Authority
    Lead facilitator: Nick Ennis

    GLA Intelligence and policy

  • Apply to join GPS Online (Government Procurement Service) Started: Dec 2008 | 487 members | This community has 8 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: OGC
    Lead facilitator: Ian Mackie

    This national community can only be accessed by procurement professionals working in central government departments or agencies. If you are unsure as to whether you meet this definition, please visit for further information before applying to join.

  • Apply to join Getting it right for every child and young person Started: Jan 2011 | 469 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: Scottish Government
    Lead facilitator: Jon Griffiths

    The Scottish Government's long term transformational change programme aimed at improving outcomes for all Scotland's children, young people and their families.

  • Join Green Space Skills Community Started: May 2009 | 66 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group / CABE
    Lead facilitator: Helen Sinclair-Ross

    The purpose of this community, is for those involved in Green Skills development or employment including, green space specialists, horticulturalists, or anyone involved in the Green Space Sector to share ideas, good practice, events and to promote the improvement of green space skills.

  • Apply to join Housing Energy Efficiency Learning Network Started: Mar 2010 | 184 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: Scottish Government
    Lead facilitator: Lesley Thomson

    This learning network, facilitated by the Scottish Centre for Regeneration, connects people and organisations with an active interest in making housing more energy efficient.

  • Apply to join Hull Data Intelligence Group Started: Mar 2010 | 36 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Richard Morfitt

    A forum to maximise the value Hull collectively derives from research and intelligence activity across the City. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in gathering research and/or developing local intelligence on Hull.

  • Join Infrastructure Delivery Planning (IDP) Started: Jul 2009 | 644 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Deborah Hogan

    To enable local authority officers, Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) members and partners involved in the PAS Infrastructure Delivery Planning (IDP) project to share learning, knowledge and experience in relation to the pilot programme and to infrastructure planning and delivery generally.

  • Apply to join Innovation Started: Jan 2007 | 803 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Noel Hatch

    Welcome to the Innovation CoP. Many of the challenges facing public services will require councils to develop wholly new approaches to delivering services. Although there is no blueprint for how to support innovation systematically across local government, there is increasing interest in local government in how to stimulate, incubate, evaluate and spread innovation.

  • Apply to join Innovation Forum (I.F.) for Newcastle City Council Started: Dec 2009 | 30 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Catherine Scaife

    Group designed to support the Innovation Forum at Newcastle City Council. The group is designed to foster innovation and conducts distinct pieces of work for Corporate Management Team.

  • Join Integrating Employment and Skills services across Housing, Health, Adult Services and Probation Started: Jul 2010 | 24 members
    Lead organisation: Birmingham City Council
    Lead facilitator: Tom Haigh

    This forum is designed to enable greater cross working between Health Housing and Probation to help deliver a more integrated employment and skills service to shared clients. This will increase efficiencies and produce a more coherent and joined up service to the customer.

  • Apply to join Key Agencies Group Started: Apr 2011 | 25 members
    Lead organisation: Historic Scotland
    Lead facilitator: Victoria Murray

    Key agencies and NDPBs involved in the planning system, aiming to deliver planning reform

  • Join Knowledge Hub Project Started: Feb 2009 | 1983 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Michael MacAuley

    The Knowledge Hub will be a 'next generation' website, where the user experience is tightly integrated with state of the art technology to create a 'knowledge ecology'. It will be a key reference source for discovering and sharing notable practice and for comparing performance across public services.

  • Apply to join Knowledge and Information Management for the Public Sector (KIMPS) Started: Mar 2007 | 205 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Michael Norton

    This workspace is for colleagues working in and for the public sector, who wish to discuss and share practice around the areas of knowledge and information management, as well as contribute to, interact with, and learn from a growing resource designed to improve the way our organisations use knowledge and information.