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  • Apply to join LGA Productivity Programme - Productive Services, Productive Places Started: Aug 2010 | 327 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: craig egglestone

    Welcome to the Place Based Productivity Programme which is supporting councils to meet the funding gap by identifying tried and tested good practice for short term gains, and supporting a longer term debate about service models in the longer term. To find out more about the Programme, visit our website: This CoP has been established as a resource for people involved in the Programme and those interested in how it is progressing. As such, some documents are work in progress and do not reflect Local Government Group policy.

  • Apply to join Leadership and Management Development - Improvement East Started: Jul 2007 | 91 members
    Lead organisation: Improvement East
    Lead facilitator: Barbara Howarth

    Our purpose is to provide authorities in the East of England with information and debate that will help inform decisions about the most appropriate leadership and management development activity to support corporate, place-shaping and community ambitions. We have therefore asked fire/rescue and local authorities in the East of England for information about their current leadership and management development activity - what they think works, what doesn't - and for their recommendations to others. We have already heard from 20% of authorities and you can see their responses now. We will be posting further contributions from authorities as we receive these - a further number are already in the pipeline. Over the coming months, with your help, we aim to build a picture of current activity in the region - what's working, what isn't, where the gaps are - and suggestions for how authorities and the region can work together to address those gaps. We’ll also provide information about a variety of programmes and offers available, news, views from the world of local government and beyond.

  • Join Local Area Agreements & Local Strategic Partnerships Started: Oct 2006 | 988 members | This community has 2 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Nigel Jones

    A forum to discuss partnership working for those in LSPs and local partnerships working to improve the lives of people in our communities.

  • Join Local Economic Assessments Started: Dec 2008 | 257 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: Globe Regeneration Limited and Rocket Science
    Lead facilitator: Rachael Donaldson

    The first port of call for Guidance and sector-led guidance, with user-friendly and interactive tools, for conducting an economic assessment of your area. These are the collaborative fruits of an I&DeA/PAS supported network comprising a representative group of local authorities who have piloted the new duty to undertake an economic assessment. We welcome members, old and new, to offer their own input to the sector-led guidance - this facility will be by means of track changes.

  • Join Local Economic Growth Network Started: Oct 2010 | 157 members
    Lead organisation: Rose Regeneration
    Lead facilitator: Jessica Sellick

    This community is for local authority officers, economic development practitioners and other stakeholders interested in working together to find new ways of delivering economic growth. The community is designed to support the exchange of information and good practice.

  • Apply to join Local Government Graduates Community of Practice Started: Oct 2007 | 426 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Liz Copeland

    This community is for graduates on fast track or leadership development programmes within local government and for new-to-post graduate officers. The community allows members to share knowledge, information and experience and is the ideal network to support personal development and learning.

  • Apply to join London School Rolls Projections Service Started: Jul 2011 | 43 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Baljit Bains

    A community for school place planners (who work in authorities that subscribe to the GLA SRP service) to discuss and share issues, knowledge and best practice.

  • Apply to join London Social Exclusion Data Forum Started: Jan 2010 | 105 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Richard Walker

    An online community for the exchange of ideas and expertise in the field of social exclusion data for London.

  • Apply to join Low Carbon Industrial Strategy Community Started: Mar 2009 | 142 members
    Lead organisation: BERR - Department for Business
    Lead facilitator: Paul Turner-Smith

    The Low Carbon Industrial Strategy Community provides a private discussion area for everyone who has a view on what is needed to achieve a successful transition to a low carbon economy. Members are invited to inform and help develop our approach for achieving this transition.

  • Apply to join Mobile and Flexible Working in Scotland Started: Apr 2009 | 320 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: Nomad Scotland
    Lead facilitator: Mark Baker

    This group is facilitated by Nomad Scotland and the Improvement Service. It is for anyone (e.g. HR, IT, Policy, Social Services, Procurement, Asset Management, etc) in the public or voluntary sector with an active interest or involvement in mobile, flexible or home working initiatives in the public sector in Scotland. A completed Profile is a pre-requisite of membership. The community also addresses one of the key themes arising from Scottish Council Diagnostic Pathway projects.

  • Apply to join NCC Central Policy Unit Started: Oct 2010 | 70 members
    Lead organisation: Newcastle City Council
    Lead facilitator: Kevin Richardson

    This CoP will provide an online forum for local government officers working in or with the Central Policy Unit at Newcastle City Council to: share information more effectively, develop reports and other Council documents collaboratively, and share ideas for developmental activity.

  • Join NW Efficiency Network Started: Oct 2011 | 136 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Laura Williamson

    The North West Efficiency Network is a new collaboration, following on from the NWIEP Efficiency Commission. It is a forum for progressive regional policy working in which strategic and operational innovations relating to cost savings and public sector reform can be shared and discussed.

  • Apply to join National Graduate Development Programme Started: Jan 2008 | 493 members | This community has 4 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Ami Beeton

    This community is for all NMT’s currently on the ngdp and alumni who have completed the ngdp. The community allows members to share knowledge, information and experience.

  • Apply to join National Member Development Community of Practice Started: Apr 2007 | 451 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Charles Leslie

    The CoP will support and enable its members to network and work collaboratively to: Share experiences, provide mutual support and advice; Discuss issues of common interest about the role of the Councillor; Continue and develop networks created through participation in member development programmes (e.g. the Leadership Academy); Develop and share ideas, approaches and materials for member development; Develop and promote events; Identify and adopt best practice in member development; Work towards achieving the Member Development Charter.

  • Join National Programme for Third Sector Commissioning Started: Oct 2009 | 455 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Rachel Duke

    *This sub community will support the National Programme of Third Sector Commissioning