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  • Apply to join New and Emerging Communities Action Network (N.E.C.A.N) Started: Mar 2010 | 24 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Claudette Dyce

    To support effective and co-ordinated action across the City, in sharing and disseminationg infomration that supports the needs of New and Emerging Communities

  • Join North East Scotland Climate Change Partnership Started: Feb 2011 | 21 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Kelly Wiltshire

    Partnership to share best practice and work together to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change in the North East of Scotland

  • Join North West Respiratory Forum Started: Dec 2010 | 295 members
    Lead organisation: NHS North West
    Lead facilitator: Cathy Stuart

    This forum is for NHS teams, local authority, voluntary and other sector partners involved in developing and providing respiratory services

  • Join ONS Regional and Local Statistics Started: May 2011 | 727 members
    Lead organisation: Office for National Statistics
    Lead facilitator: Steve Mead

    This community is open to all users in local government and the wider public sector with an interest in regional and local statistics produced by the Office for National Statistics. In addition to guidance and information, it includes updates on article and dataset releases and provides a platform for discussion and feedback.

  • Join Policy and Performance Started: Nov 2006 | 4195 members | This community has 3 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Ingrid Koehler

    Our purpose as a community is to share ideas and practice on developing and implementing better performance management and improvement policy. We want to develop a network which supports its members in developing and implementing practice and policy in support of improvement. You may be interested in joining this group if your work supports policy development or performance in a local authority or partner organisation.

  • Apply to join Private PAS team area (for top secret things) Started: Mar 2008 | 19 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Richard Crawley

    The community is for employees of the Planning Advisory Service (only). It is used to support our internal collaboration and the delivery of PAS services. The Planning Advisory Service (PAS) helps the local authority planning sector in England build on its success. We encourage continuous improvement and promote a culture of self-sustaining change and learning. PAS is part of the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA).

  • Join Productivity and Efficiency Exchange Started: Feb 2008 | 2708 members | This community has 6 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Neil Rimmer

    As the public sector faces one of the biggest financial crisis in modern times, we have a real opportunity to deliver efficiency creatively and innovatively. To do so, we need to bring together a range of professional skills across organisational boundaries. This community is a place to find and share information about moving beyond cuts to delivering true value for money. We will share resources, knowledge and support.

  • Join Public Sector Apprenticeships Started: Jul 2008 | 807 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Martin Stein

    This is a space for all concerned with increasing the take-up of Apprenticeships through and within the public sector.

  • Apply to join Regaining Control of The Landscape - The MSTAR framework and Social Care - Online Conf March 23rd Started: Dec 2010 | 133 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Verity Smith

    The third of our online conferences, this will look at the MSTAR Framework and procuring manged learning services in the morning. The afternoon session will focus on children's agency social workers and a debate on current issues for recruitment and retention in social care.

  • Apply to join Revaluing Public Sector Food Procurement (RPSFP) Started: Sep 2011 | 18 members
    Lead organisation: Centre for Food Policy, City University, London
    Lead facilitator: Donna Simpson

    This Community of Practice is part of the Foodlinks EU FP7 project, and has the objective to linking research and policy making in the field of public procurement and sustainable food.

  • Apply to join Science Education and Industry Links Midlothian Started: Apr 2011 | 21 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Andrew Ralton

    This COP group will work towards encouraging greater links between the science community and local schools in Midlothian.

  • Apply to join Scottish Government Smarter Communications Started: Jan 2011 | 15 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: Scottish Government
    Lead facilitator: Christian Storstein

    Community to support Smarter Communications in the Scottish Government and its partners.

  • Apply to join Scottish Group: Employability & Tackling Poverty Learning Network Started: Jan 2009 | 425 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: Scottish Government
    Lead facilitator: Heather Smith

    This network is for Scottish local authorities and their community planning partners. Members can use this forum to provide practical assistance to those working at a local level to tackle poverty and make people more employable.

  • Apply to join Scottish Group: Mixed and Sustainable Communities Learning Network Started: Feb 2009 | 193 members
    Lead organisation: Scottish Centre for Regeneration
    Lead facilitator: Geraldine McAteer

    This network provides mutual support, advice, tools and ideas for people at local and national government level who are creating and managing mixed and sustainable communities throughout Scotland.

  • Apply to join Scottish LA Procurement Improvement Programme Started: Oct 2009 | 113 members | This community has 7 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: Scotland Excel
    Lead facilitator: Hazel Ebdon

    This is a space for Heads of Procurement to share information and discussion about the Procurement Improvement Programme, including the Capability Assessment.