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  • Apply to join ACPO NCTT Key Individuals Network Started: Sep 2007 | 57 members
    Lead organisation: Association of Chief Police Officers
    Lead facilitator: Carl Wonfor

    The Association of Chief Police Officers National Community Tension Team faciltate a network of national community groups, police forces and agencies to share information, best practice in preventing terrorism. This community supports the network by providing access to the ACPO NCTT Community Bulletin and other documents that may be of interest to members. If you wish to join this group you will automatically be added to our key individual network.

  • Join Big Society Started: Jul 2010 | 1204 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: Civil Service
    Lead facilitator: Tom Bracey

    The Big Society community exists to give the wide variety of people it involves an opportunity to share approaches, learning and experience. By sharing this knowledge, people can easily identify what works and what doesn’t, and help to develop tools to help contribute to its success.

  • Apply to join Communications and Marketing Community Started: Dec 2007 | 362 members
    Lead organisation: Local Government Group
    Lead facilitator: Anna Morrell

    This is a private community for local government marketing and communications professionals to share information and materials to improve the way we work.

  • Join Community Cohesion CoP Started: Mar 2007 | 1133 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Rose Doran

    Our communities are diverse, dynamic and complex. Factors such as age, wealth, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and political ideology need to be understood by Councils and their partners, to be effective community leaders; deliver high quality, appropriate services; promote equality of access and opportunity, and identify possible tensions. This Community of Practice provides a forum to debate key topics; share ideas and best practice, and contribute to policy development.

  • Join Community Hub Started: Nov 2008 | 76925 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Michael Norton

    A shared space for all registered users

  • Join Councillors Connected: The Social Media Online Conference 6-8 April Started: Feb 2009 | 364 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Tim Milner

    An online conference to help councils and councillors explore how they can use social media to communicate with and engage communities, effectively deliver services, and empower local people. Takes place from 6 to 8 April 2009. Please bear with us if we don't approve your membership straight away.

  • Join Customer Insight Started: Apr 2008 | 2957 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Ian Cole

    This was the home of an online conference (10 to 20 June 2008) focused on a better understanding the needs and aspirations of the local people, the challenges in harnessing the power of citizen data and the tools that can help you do so to improve the quality of services in local areas. We are considering keeping this area open as a regular community of practice.

  • Join Customer Led transformation programme Started: Jun 2010 | 2509 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Alex Marshall

    For projects that were funded through the Customer Led transformation fund to be able to showcase their work

  • Join Data Quality Community of Practice Started: Jul 2007 | 769 members
    Lead organisation:
    Lead facilitator: Dave Briggs

    The purpose of this community is to share best practice and disseminate knowledge to support officers in local authorities and other public sector organisations in their efforts to improve data quality. The core focus will be around the data quality Key Lines of Enquiry set out by the Audit Commission but the community will also seek to cover broader initiatives and issues. The main point of contact for the community is Sue Statter via It is intended to launch the site at a face to face event to be held in September 2007

  • Apply to join Digital People @ COP Started: May 2008 | 650 members | This community has 2 sub-communities
    Lead organisation: The Central Office of Information
    Lead facilitator: Nick Jones

    The primary purpose of Digital People is to provide a cross-boundary network creating, sharing and developing insights and innovation to improve public service through the use of digital media.

  • Apply to join Facilitators Community Started: Sep 2006 | 406 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Michael Norton

    The Facilitators Community purpose is to assist online facilitators across By sharing tips on online facilitation, engaging with experts in online communities and networking with colleagues to enhance your knowledge and experience of online facilitation.
    Before applying please ensure that your profile is fully complete including a photo and states the community you facilitate or will facilitate in the future.

  • Apply to join Getting it right for every child and young person Started: Jan 2011 | 469 members | This community has 1 sub-community
    Lead organisation: Scottish Government
    Lead facilitator: Jon Griffiths

    The Scottish Government's long term transformational change programme aimed at improving outcomes for all Scotland's children, young people and their families.

  • Join Information Graphics and Visualisation Started: Apr 2011 | 665 members
    Lead organisation: Telford & Wrekin Council
    Lead facilitator: Richard Overy

    Welcome to the Information Graphics and Visualisation Community. Using pictures, graphics and other visuals to communicate information or knowledge quickly & clearly. Less words, more pictures.

  • Apply to join Innovation Started: Jan 2007 | 803 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Noel Hatch

    Welcome to the Innovation CoP. Many of the challenges facing public services will require councils to develop wholly new approaches to delivering services. Although there is no blueprint for how to support innovation systematically across local government, there is increasing interest in local government in how to stimulate, incubate, evaluate and spread innovation.

  • Join Knowledge Hub Project Started: Feb 2009 | 1983 members
    Lead organisation: LG Group
    Lead facilitator: Michael MacAuley

    The Knowledge Hub will be a 'next generation' website, where the user experience is tightly integrated with state of the art technology to create a 'knowledge ecology'. It will be a key reference source for discovering and sharing notable practice and for comparing performance across public services.